Wood Splitter

Wood Splitter
Wood Splitter Schematic
  • 35 ton capacity
  • Opening width 3214
  • Unique main beam design (constructed of round tubing to prevent beam twists)
  • Enclosed cylinder
  • Uses 5″ bore X 36″ stroke hydraulic cylinder
  • Oversized, greasable 134 pins
  • 2 position quick attaches to run inverted from cab or upright
  • Comes equipped with Parker brand hoses, fittings, and couplers (Jobsite ready)
  • Replaceable nylon guides to prevent beam from galling
  • Operational flow 6-40 GPM
  • Optional table and hand control
  • Optional 4 way wedge
  • The inverted design allows 1 person to operate machine and split wood effectively cutting down on labor time
Mde In USA
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