Medium Duty Root Grapple

Medium Duty Root Grapple
Medium Duty Root Grapple Schematic
  • Allows dirt to fall through
  • Independent grapple tines, for grappling uneven loads
  • 2″ X 10″ covered cylinders with 114” pins
  • Comes equipped with Parker brand hoses, fittings, and couplers (Jobsite ready)
  • 38” thick steel tines
  • Reinforced quick attach
  • Fully protected hoses
  • Fully greasable hinge points
  • Greasable pins on top tines
  • Opening width: 3414
  • Able to slide along top of the ground without digging in (avoiding underground damage)
  • Lighter design for smaller machines, 50 horse power and less
  • 812” to 9” spacing depending on width
  • Available in 60″, 66″, 72″ and custom sizes are also available
  • Treaded step

This skid steer attachment is absolutely vital in the tree industry and is quickly becoming a necessity among all contractors today. We offer this unique skid steer attachment in an assortment of sizes and designs for a variety of applications.

Perform 3 jobs in one – In a single pass the root grapple rakes away debris, keeps it in a manageable pile to move around with ease, and the round bottom bar provides the necessary tool for backfill. Load or pile logs, brush, rocks, demolition debris, and many other materials. Ideal for separating dirt from rock, lumber, or building materials with ease. The larger capacity means less loading and will save both time and energy. Lower your labor costs and shorten project schedules. Hydraulic cylinders operate independently to adjust for uneven loads. Enclosed cylinders and hoses come standard to minimize maintenance. Tines curve upward in order to slide across the land without damaging topsoil or catching utility lines or cables.