Old Style Rock Bucket

Old Style Rock Bucket
Old Style Rock Bucket Schematic
  • Allows dirt and loose materials to fall through
  • Constructed from 38” thick steel
  • 3″ tine spacing
  • 6″ x 34” cutting edge with large teeth

We manufacture a variety of skid steer loader buckets that can be used in multiple applications. Our skid steer loader buckets offer unique design features and each bucket is built with strong, durable construction. This construction includes industrial strength 3⁄16″ plate steel and feature ¾” x 6″ cutting edges. Cutting edges are not wrapped around, but welded together to ensure longer wear. This design provides added durability. All of our skid steer loader buckets come standard with Safety Treads. These provide the operator greater traction and support when entering and existing the cab.