LF Open Front Brush Cutter

LF Open Front Brush Cutter
LF Open Front Brush Cutter Schematic
  • Proprietary drive
    • 1 piece heat treated forged steel axle
    • The housing is a 1 piece iron casting
    • 2 oversized tapered roller bearings
    • Roller bearings are grease packed for no oil leaks
    • Lower grease seal is wire protected
    • Direct drive, no gears or shear pins
  • Geroller style hydraulic motor in varying displacements for optimal cutting tip speed
  • Hydraulic pressure relief in both directions of rotation
  • Unit is bi-directional
  • One piece forged steel fully heat treated bi-directional blades
  • Uses common rotary cutter blade bolts and nuts
  • Comes equipped with Parker brand hoses, fittings, and couplers (Job site ready)
  • Motor/drive assembly is fully enclosed for protection
  • 14” thick reinforced steel deck
  • Offered in 2 sizes: 60″ and 72″
  • Reinforced quick attach
  • Units available for both low and high flow machines
Mde In USA
High Quality
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